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We offer a basic greenhouse with a variety of options in an easy to transport modular design.


We offer a basic greenhouse with a variety of options in an easy to transport modular design.

The greenhouse is assembled from frames covered in 6mil poly. The frames are constructed out of 2x3's and the largest panels are 4' by 8' allowing them to fit in the back of a pickup truck (or possibly even some mini-vans). At purchase, the greenhouse will be the unassembled panels ready for transport. Once the panels arrive at their final location they can be re-assembled in just a few minutes with only a power drill and ladder.

We have 3 sizes available. All three sizes are 8' wide and 6.5', 10.5', or 14.5' long.

The roof is covered in the same 6mil poly as the side panels.

Winters in PG are rough and do a number on the 6mil poly covering. Last fall I removed the roof from mine but the plastic on the walls did not survive the winter intact. Even with care, the covering won't last more than a few years at best. Luckily, the covering is inexpensive and easy to replace.

By default, the door is a simple flap of 6mil poly with loops to attach and close it. I've found this more than adequate but you can upgrade to a framed and hinged door panel with a latch.

You can also add shelves if desired. I find them very helpful early in the year when I have flats of plants ready to go into the garden. However, later in the summer, I remove them so my plants have room to grow tall. The shelf frames stay in the greenhouse permanently but the plywood surface can be removed in just a few moments.

If you would like we offer delivery and setup of this product anywhere in Prince George city limits for $100. Simply select the appropriate delivery option at checkout. Otherwise, we'll send you pickup instructions when your order is ready.

These greenhouses are constructed as ordered and will likely take at least a week to be ready. Orders are on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The photo is a sketch of the base model in the 8' x 10.5' size