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Dwarf Sour Cherries from U of S


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Dwarf Sour Cherries (aka Prunus Cerasus) are similar (and closely related) to the commercial sweet cherries you are likely familiar with though they are slightly smaller and more acidic. Don't let the "sour" put you off! I can confirm that these cherries are very delicious and very sweet.

These trees vary in size from 2 to 3m and naturally form a bush but they are easily pruned to a tree or fanned along on a wall.

Dwarf Sour Cherries are self-pollinating.

In 2020 we have 2 varieties from the "Romance Series" (Cupid, and Valentine) developed by the University of Saskachewan. For more information about Dwarf Sour Cherries or these varieties please check the link above. These are 1-year plants originally from AgriForest Bio-Technologies a plant propagator in Kelowna.

Our prices are very inexpensive as we are only charging a very small markup over the wholesale price. We've seen these cherries retail at $50 for one plant! Here you can buy 2 different varieties for half that price!