Prince George Fruit




We currently offer one variety of Blackberry. Illiny (aka Illini Hardy) is one of the very few very cold hardy varieties of Blackberry. It is reported to have a good flavour assuming you can pick it "without losing a pint of blood". We have yet to confirm that Illiny will grow in our Prince George climate but we will post our results here once we try!

These are small plants (2.5" pot-size aka 'liners') originally from AgriForest Bio-Technologies a plant propagator in Kelowna.

Colour: Black
Berry Size: Medium
Height: 1.4m
Hardy: Yes

We have also received a few Blackberries of an unknown variety from a local gardener who has grown them here for over a decade. They have, obviously, proven to be hardy to our climate and we are told they have good flavour. We intend to propagate these plants and offer them for sale here once we have a sufficient quantity.