Prince George Fruit

Prince George Fruit (PGF) is a small plant nursery in Prince George, British Columbia. We specialize in making small inexpensive fruit producing plants available for gardeners in our area. Our goal is to push the boundaries of the quality, quantity, and diversity of fruit grown in Prince George and the surrounding region.

This year we are offering Sour Cherries ('Romeo', & 'Crimson Passion', 'Cupid', 'Valentine') from the University of Saskatchewan. We also have Raspberry ('Red-Bounty', 'Anne'), Blackberry (Illiny), Grape ('Valiant', 'L'Acadie Blanc', 'Vandal Cliche', 'Marechal Joffre', 'St. Croix.', 'Baltica'), Apricot, Hazelnut, and Butternut (aka White Walnut).

All prices are in CAD.

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We have two varieties of Raspberry: Anne and Red Bounty

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We offer a basic greenhouse with a variety of options in an easy to transport modular design.

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Dwarf Sour Cherries from U of S


Dwarf Sour Cherries are similar to the commercial sweet cherries you are likely familiar with though they are slightly smaller and more acidic. Don't let the "sour" put you off! We can confirm that these cherries are very delicious and very sweet.

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We currently offer one variety of Blackberry. Illiny (aka Illini Hardy) is one of the very few very cold hardy varieties of Blackberry

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Yes, grapes do grow in Prince George! We have several varieties to choose from for 2019.

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